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Can Danny Partridge replace Kid Bubblegum as Echo Valley intern? Enjoy the Echo Valley Christmas Special that almost wasn't! The Professor is a little down (with Kid Bubblegum gone), a little tired (having caught Mrs. Professor Bubblegum's case of the sniffles) and a little behind his time (though you wouldn't think me ill-used if I were to dock him half a crown for it!). A dramatic reading of the official program for the 1969 Boyce and Hart Vegas Christmas Show that ended their career! We eavesdrop on a Christmas phone call between Betty Cooper and Archie Andrew's mom! Plenty of great bubblegum music from ABBA before they were ABBA and when they were The Hep Stars, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Archies, The Monkees, The Osmonds, Fifth Estate, The Muppets, Johnny Tillotson, Banaroo, Bob Morrison, The Jaynettes, The Little Kids, The Boys Next Door, Robert Wells and Little Mike Watson, Boyce and Hart, and the Roger Nichols Trio!

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