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smaller_contest.jpgEcho Valley is a place and a radio show (what the young people call a "podcast"). The town of Echo Valley exists somewhere in time, where present day cross-fades into the late 1960's and early 1970's, and exists somewhere in the United States, probably Ohio. Your host, Professor Bubblegum, is the mayor, head librarian, and chief promoter of both the town of Echo Valley and the genre of pop rock music known as bubblegum. These broadcasts appear every week or two. No one is sure how the technical production is handled, but we do know that Echo Valley episodes are recorded in or around the main gazebo in Reuben Kincaid park, uploaded from the Echo Valley library's personal computer (what the young people call a "PC"), and shipped directly to you through the inter-web. They are just for fun, just for free and just for friends of bubblegum music. You and your pals are always welcome to visit Echo Valley!

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